Diet Tips by Kristen Brown

Diet TipsUsually when people make a goal to lose weight, the first thing they do is restrict, whether that be total calories, food groups, or both. Some people will even go as far as to cut out entire macronutrients, with carbs and fats being the most popular. Of course any sort of caloric deficit created by eliminating certain foods will cause weight loss but when the deficit or type of restrictions placed are too severe then this can create problems.

Nine times out of ten, when people tell themselves they can’t have a certain food this leads to cravings and feelings of deprivation, which can many times lead to a binge. Following a binge are feelings of guilt then more restricting, then another binge and the vicious cycle just continues. The problem with severe diet restrictions is that they are rarely the answer to sustainable weight loss.

Rather than focusing on what people shouldn’t eat I recommend that people shift that focus to what they should eat.  Most people can afford to eat more protein so a great start would be to make sure to include a protein source with every meal. Instead of cutting out all fats, the goal should be to switch to healthier fat sources such as almonds and olive oil. Another great suggestion is to increase veggies. Not only are they filled with vitamins but they also help with satiation and help to prevent overeating, especially when paired with a complete protein source.

Another way to stay fuller longer is to drink more water! For most people losing weight is simply a matter of decreasing overall calories. Of course I recommend people center their diets on nutrient dense foods but it is not realistic to completely give up treats. As long as portion sizes are controlled it is definitely possible to still lose weight and enjoy the foods you love. After all balance is what leads to sustainable results!


diet tipsWritten by Kristen Brown, nationally qualifying NPC bikini competitor and DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) student at YSU

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