Workout Routines and Tips


When training legs I keep everything fairly heavy, I love to begin my workout with compound exercises like squats or deadlifts before I start isolating the muscles with leg extension and things like that.
Squats: 5 sets: 15reps (115 lbs), 15 reps (135 lbs), 10 reps (155lbs), 10 reps (155lbs), 8 reps
Deadlifts: 4 sets: 12 reps (135lbs, 12 reps (135lbs), 15 reps (115lbs), 15 reps (115lbs)
Lying Leg curl: Supersetted with Sumo squats using a 55lb dumbbell 4 sets 15 reps on lying leg curl using 85 lbs 20 reps on sumo squats using the 55lb dumbbell
Leg Extension supersetted with weighted lunges: 3 sets 30 reps on leg extension using 85lbs
40 walking lunges with a 40lbs barbell

Dropset on Leg Press: 1 set to failure

450 lbs for 8 reps Remove two plates: 360 lbs for 12 reps Remove two plates: 270 lbs for 15 reps

Remove two plates: 180 lbs till failure
My leg training varies in speed week to week. Some weeks I
will incorporate lots of supersets to fatigue my muscles quickly while other
times I use as heavy weight as I can manage and take 1-2 minute breaks in
between sets so I can build my strength. No matter the speed I always make sure
my legs are just plain worn out by the end of my training session.
Also, I always make sure to eat within 30 minutes of a leg
workout. My meal will usually be 4 ounces of chicken, 4 ounces sweet potato and
1 cup of green beans.
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