Interview with Kristen Brown

How long have you been
around 5 years


What made you get into Fitness and Bikini Competition?

I remember seeing a copy of oxygen magazine and wanting to look like those girls. I read about competing in the magazine and it sounded like something I would be
interested in!

That is great!  Would you like to be in fitness magazines such as Oxygen?

I definitely think it would be cool!

Did you enjoy your 1st Bikini Competition? Are you looking to compete again soon?

I did! Right now competing will probably not be in my near future. Unfortunately
school comes first. Plus competing is definitely a very expensive hobby!

Do you have any Fitness Role Models?

Sure.  I love Erin Stern (who doesn't?) I love how she trains and that she doesn't cut
her carbs super low during prep. I also admire my friend Lindsay Cappotelli who
has helped me out with my training and nutrition so much and I cannot thank her
enough. Recently I read an article by Karina Baymiller and she has become
another one of my fitness role models. And of course all of the members of
Girls Gone Strong!

Did you want to tell us what Girls Gone Strong is?

Girls Gone Strong is basically an organization that preaches training for performance
over aesthetics. Their philosophy is train because you love your body..not
because you hate it! Movement and exercise is a privilege, and I totally agree!

What is your philosophy on diet?

Follow a diet that works for you. For me personally I follow the typical bodybuilding

diet of eating 5-6 times a day every 3-4 hours but that type of eating may not
be suitable for everyone. I know some people who prefer larger meals less
frequently and some who even follow Intermittent Fasting.
Kristen doing barbell curls

Do you use any supplements?

I do. I take a multi, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin d3, fish oil, pre workout,
BCAAs, creatine, and whey protein.

What is the best asset of
your physique/body?

I would say my lats

What is your strongest lift?

probably pull ups 

Do you want to share how many you can do in
a row?

if I am fresh around 15

What about dumbbell rows?

65 lb dumbbells usually 

What are your future fitness plans or goals?

just continue to get bigger and stronger! 

Do you notice getting lots of “stares” in the gym from people?  Maybe
for how muscular you are or the amount of weight you lift?

When I had to train at a globo gym during the several snow storms that we got I did
but I train at a powerlifting gym where 90% of the population is guys. The
majority of people at my gym are powerlifters and/or bodybuilders so they are
there to train, not mess around. I train at the same time every day so everyone
is used to me.

Are you a competitive person?

I can be. That is why when I do conditioning I prefer to train with other people
to really push myself! Actually I just like to train with other people in
general. I feel as though I really benefit from forced reps and having someone
yelling at me to squeeze out those extra reps

If you could challenge anyone
to any sport, armwrestling, wrestling, lifting competition etc.  Who would it be and what sport or competition?

Hmm well I really admire Erin Stern and I am really good at push ups so I guess it
would have to be those two!
Erin Stern


That would be a very interesting competition.  Any prediction on who you think would win?

Not gunna lie, probably me, but she would beat me in everything else hands down!