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Name:Jennifer Kieschnick
Weight:126-138lbs (competitive vs. off season)
Lifting stats (10 to 15 reps and multiple sets):
Leg Press: 360lbs
Squats: 145lbs
Lunges: 100lbs
lateral raises: 20lbs
DB chest press: 40lb DBs
DB military press: 30lb DBs
Greatest accomplishment from lifting and/or fitness in general?
    Let’s just start with this, sometimes it’s the small things. I have never been able to correctly do military pushups consecutively or even 1 pullup independently until this past year!!!! yay for persistence! I’ve recently began competiting with NPC Figure competitions. My 2nd competition will be November 3, 2012 in Austin, TX at Texas State Naturals. I’m aiming for IFBB Pro card in next 3-4 years.
    I’m extremely proud of the nutritional plan my coaches help guide me with. I’d struggled with an eating disorder in my past, but through Christ, my training and nutrition I now embrace, I am able to be free of that – hallelujah! This girl eats her meat, (sweet) potatoes and veggies – every sweet day! 
    I also am glad to share my lifestyle with those who desire to learn about it. My husband and I embrace this healthy lifestyle with nutrition and training. Team efforts increase your success!
Favorite exercise to do in the gym?
I love the feeling of knowing I’ve given all I have to offer for that particular workout. You could say, I like to push it to the Max! the workout that most fulfills this, is leg day. However I must add, I look forward to doing shoulders also because that is my current area of most needed improvement. It’s so rewarding when you see those changes! 
Ever have guys challenge you in arm wrestling or wrestling?  
The only guy I’ve ever “arm wrestled” is my husband, haha! First point, he’s such a powerhouse and second point, he’s a gentlemen, because he of course let me win! Ladies find a man that lets you win! especially at arm wrestling! haha! 
Anything you would like to add or tell your fans?
So many things I’d like to share really, but most importantly that you are a gem! You have desires that have been placed in your heart by our Almighty Maker! With Christ, all things are possible – so ask Him to reveal your God given talents and desires and LIVE YOUR DREAMS!!!
Keep in touch! <3 JenK

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